Hayleys PLC is the largest listed business and most diversified conglomerate in Sri Lanka. With interests that span across 16 business sectors and a global footprint reaching across to business strongholds in 5 continents and over 86 countries across the globe, being a force to be reckoned with in business. We are the first listed company in Sri Lanka to cross USD 1 bn revenue in Fiscal Year 2017/18.

Suchitra Aluwihare

Hayleys Travels Spirit of Sri Lanka Management Team

Suchitra Aluwihare, is the Chief Operating Officer of Hayleys Travels Spirit of Sri Lanka which is the Destination Management arm of Hayleys Advantis Group, the transportation and logistics arm of Hayleys PLC. As a professional in the Hospitality Industry, Suchitra possess over 2 decades of expertise where he has held leadership and management positions in leading companies. His expertise ranges from destination management, and in setting up 2 medium-sized DMC’s in Sri Lanka, ranked amongst the Top 10, which won many tourism accolades. In addition, he is a member of industry bodies such as the Sri Lanka Association of Inbound Tour Operators (SLAITO) and Travel Trade Sports Club.

“Today, Hayleys Travels Spirit of Sri Lanka, is one of the fastest-growing destination management companies in the country that caters to various customer segments from top source markets. We are also aware of the emergence of new segments in tourism, like sustainable tourism, which predominantly attracts young tourists, corporates, and repeat tourists. The tourism industry in Sri Lanka is a vital pillar on which our economy stands. It creates a great deal of employment opportunities, develops infrastructure, forms strong cultural bonds, cross-culture awareness, and preserves the environment. We try our best to uphold Sri Lanka’s position as a major tourist destination alongside the required and effective regulations to continue this industry’s success. We wish to focus on sustainable tourism initiatives such as wildlife conservation, reforestation, organic agriculture, societal tourism, marine and coastal conservation allowing tourist groups to participate and positively impact our industry. We have recognized this need and are geared to elevate our services to the next level through the inculcation of sustainability,” stated Suchitra Aluwihare the COO of Hayleys Travels Spirit of Sri Lanka.

The Team

Our expert team offers a pleasant and professional service on all types of travel, to ensure a hassle-free travel experience for you.

Our energetic team at Hayleys Travels Spirit of Sri Lanka consists of professionals who all possess a deep sense of creativity and bring different outlooks to the table. The team specializes in various markets for a diverse clientele, with extensive knowledge acquired over many years of experience in the travel industry. Equipped with a diverse skill set, they constantly strive to deliver a personalized and high-quality service with clear and friendly communication, ultimately ensuring without fail that you are kept well-informed and assisted.

Meet the people responsible for planning your wonderful adventures with us, and we are always on the lookout for young, passionate individuals to join our team.